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Kario Mesh Body.

2021-10-31 13:43

Tatsuya Inithium

Male Bodies,

Kario Mesh Body.

Kario the new dimension!

Kario has a low complexity value of around 4000 in spite of having three mesh bodies in one. Kario includes a hud to help manage colors and materials of the body, allow you to switch between the Flex, Fit and Flat bodies, add 4 mesh nipples on the body with 16 different colors matching with your skin as well as 3 different types of fingernails for hands and feet with a variety of nail colors. The body includes a unique STORAGE system  to save your body settings to match easily with your custom outfits. Kario includes also a custom AO for hands.


The body has a low impact on scripts which can also be removed from the body if needed. The body is 100% BOM compatible, designed on SL UV maps and it does not need to manage alphas cut with hud which cause lag and difficulties to rezz the body in world. Alpha layers included in clothes are a simple and easy way to hide any eventual rigging problems.